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[Hellboy: The Storm]

From Balestrand at the Sognefjord (detail), by Thomas Fearnley.

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The Art of Alexander Mandradjiev

Alexander has done work for the film and Visual FX industry, and with the awe inspiring imagery he produces I would hope he get’s involved with the games industry in the future.


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My father kept dogs on our farm when I was a little girl. Big, mean mastiffs. Six in all. Anyone came inside our gate without ringing and those dogs would run at him.

I never saw them scared. Except this one time… when a gray wolf wandered down to our property from up north. The dogs stayed under our porch all day long, hiding in the shadows. It was a shock to see…

Because it was like the dogs just knew, by instinct, that no matter how many of them there were, the wolf would always be tougher and meaner. 

And the wolf—well, he knew it too.

Favorite ongoing comics: American Vampire

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American Vampire #31 - 34


so I made myself sad 4 months before this film even comes out.

American Vampire vol. 4, art by Rafael Albuquerque